Article: "Views From the Right Lane" - Digital PG 14

Now, being a remote worker is like winning the lottery. Freedom is the million bucks. What sits on the top of Freedom Mountain is the end of the commute. Gone is the jousting with other vehicles. Crazed commuters involved in the territorial battle to be at the head of the pack. I learned the hard way that their conduit of choice for that epic battle was the left lane. Who needs that. I've become a turncoat and now travel in the right lane.

Article: "Adventures in Hanging Out" - Digital Page 18

All around America, any age group, driving a beat-up pick-up truck or sporting a Ferrari you’ll find hanging out. Once experienced, you’ll understand the popularity. After a brain twisting eight-hour day, why go directly home just to be thrown back into the line of fire: the landscaper tore up your fence or having to fix the toilet that overflowed before you left that morning. My suggestion is before you attempt a Niagara Falls of responsibilities, go hang out.

Article - “Sports Can Save the Conversation” - Digital Page 17

What do you do when those phenomenal discussions with friends and family suddenly turn on a dime into confrontational conversations? Well, someone needs to twist around that conversation for the sake of sanity. When I need a break from listening to everyone argue over who knows less about politics, I try to throw out some jokes. When they go over as well as burnt meatloaf, I’ll turn the conversation to sports.