Article: "Adventures in Hanging Out" - Digital Page 18

All around America, any age group, driving a beat-up pick-up truck or sporting a Ferrari you’ll find hanging out. Once experienced, you’ll understand the popularity. After a brain twisting eight-hour day, why go directly home just to be thrown back into the line of fire: the landscaper tore up your fence or having to fix the toilet that overflowed before you left that morning. My suggestion is before you attempt a Niagara Falls of responsibilities, go hang out.

Article - “Sports Can Save the Conversation” - Digital Page 17

What do you do when those phenomenal discussions with friends and family suddenly turn on a dime into confrontational conversations? Well, someone needs to twist around that conversation for the sake of sanity. When I need a break from listening to everyone argue over who knows less about politics, I try to throw out some jokes. When they go over as well as burnt meatloaf, I’ll turn the conversation to sports.